Serving You


Yes, I mean actually serve.

The people I am most passionate about coaching are
buyers and sellers in human trafficking.

It has taken nearly fifty years for me to develop the compassion to work with the supply side of human trafficking. I had to go through my own painful experiences to develop the capacity
to meet people exactly where they are.

My own journey has brought me the knowledge that the only people who are capable of harming others (or themselves) are those who are in pain/have been harmed. There is always a valid reason behind every behavior.

If I’m acting in ways that cause pain in myself or others, more pain (punishment) will not make the problem go away. The penal system (punishment) has existed for millennia and people are still doing things that cause harm to self and others.

Punishment doesn’t work.

Accepting what is and finding a new way forward actually works.

I’ve seen it over and over again, from addictions (sex, drugs, shopping, working, relationships, etc.) to abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, etc.) and beyond. I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, with all kinds of backgrounds, and the one thing that always works is acceptance, compassion, and the sacred space of possibility.



My clients seek change.

The majority of society ostracizes the supply side of human trafficking, as well as anyone who would attempt to understand them. Like most of our culture, I was injured in judgment; judgment has no place in coaching or healing.

Lasting change is possible with acceptance.

Coaching only works when the individual is invested in change. I believe that lasting change can only happen within a space of acceptance, compassion, and possibility. Any judgment, any make-wrong, automatically invokes defensiveness. I cannot change that which I must defend. I cannot change myself when anyone, including me, is judging me. The same holds true for everyone I’ve ever coached.

Healing happens in a space of compassion.


I accept your history without making you wrong for having it. Acceptance doesn’t mean I agree; acceptance simply means that reality exists. From that space of acceptance, powerful new choices can be made. I’ve had that space held for me, and I know how transformative it will be for you.



The compassionate space of coaching is where I reclaimed my own essence and humanity, where I healed from pain, where I learned to love and respect myself so much that I could finally authentically give the love and respect to others that I had been trying to (and missing at) for years.



Coaching affects ALL areas of life, no matter the topic broached. I am here to support anyone who has expressed a desire to create a new life for themselves on their journey. I will not judge you; the world has done enough of that, and that is nothing compared to the catastrophic power of your own self-judgment. I know your limitless potential to create a life you will always be proud to live into, and I will hold sacred space for your journey.