Serving Suppliers in Human Trafficking

As shocking as it is on the face of it, I believe that coaching the suppliers in human trafficking is far more effective long-term than just removing victims.

Consider… how many lives does one supplier affect?
In supporting one supplier who wants to leave the trade, how many lives are potentially affected?

It is my understanding that each victim removed is simply replaced with another victim. I am not opposed to removing victims; those who are called to that work, please continue to do so! My calling is addressing the root cause, the supply side of human trafficking.

But why coach them?

I believe only people who have received pain can cause pain.
I believe only people have been dehumanized can willingly dehumanize another.
I believe people who choose to heal from their pain inflict far less pain on others.
I believe people who choose to reclaim their humanity will encourage others to do so.

I have never experienced anything more
re-humanizing than coaching.